The wild coast

The wild coast, Oceanic inspiration

The wild coast, a coastal fringe that rhymes with beauty, escape and deep iodized inspiration.

To the west of the peninsula, breathtaking scenery unfolds over a dozen kilometres (7.5 miles) from the village of Portivy to Port Maria in Quiberon. A succession of cliffs battered by winds and sculpted by the waves creates a mineral landscape changing with the winds and seasons.

The wild coast is part of the largest dune in Brittany stretching from Gâvres to Quiberon along 35km (22 miles).

The perched dunes that adorn themselves with a grassy flower carpet are an exceptional geological case in Europe.

The iconic locations: the Percho tip, Port Blanc Ark, the beaches of Port Bara and Port Blanc.
Caution, swimming is dangerous and prohibited due to tidal waves.
Crédit photo: Patrice Baissac

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